18 August 2008

This world is way too small...

So I get an order for processing this afternoon from one of my colleagues. I looked at the name on the order and did a double take. Looked at the address on it, sure enough, that's got to be him.

I went over to my colleague who took the order and collected the information and said "This is too funny, you're joking with me right?"

He looked perplexed.

"See this address? This is where I went to college. And this name? He was one of my professors - Western Civilization, freshman year."

Now mind you, I didn't go to a large school, we only had about 1200 students maximum at any given time. But after 9 years of not hearing that name took me aback.

Another colleague had overheard this and said "Maybe you should 'lose' this order."

I said, "Well, he may have not have been my favorite teacher but he wasn't the worst one. I'll give him fair treatment."

Just another random chance meeting.


Chica said...

At least it wasn't him in person, that is something you cannot "lose" LOL

I enjoy thinking about folks I used to know, but would I want to see them again? Absolutely not, only a small handful. :)

Redbeard76 said...

If he showed up at our office, that would be quite a shock, since he lives a few hundred miles away in the next state over and we pretty much serve our customers over the phone.

His name rhymed with the nickname we students gave him: Snooze-ema. He was rather dry and dull.

Ted D said...

I'm just impressed you can remember a professors name.

I can't remember one from my 6 years. And yes, I was on the Bluto Blutarsky blueprint for graduating college.

Redbeard76 said...

Zero Point Zero.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

For some reason I was thinking it was gonna turn out that you worked at an adult novelty mail order place.

Or something.

Redbeard76 said...

Now THAT would be an interesting job. Far more interesting than tankless water heaters.

Yes, professor Snoozema, we'll get your French Ticklers out to you express overnight delivery. I'll be thinking of your lecture on the French Revolution while processing your French Ticklers.

Petra said...

I hate the work I am in sometimes as I always manage to run into someone I knew way back when - and its usually a way back when i would like to forget.

Ah well - do whats right. Its a motto I say but not always do.....

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