30 August 2008

Labor Day - one month to go in the baseball season


With the Yankees' season finally dead most likely, I've compiled this video, hope you enjoy. Happy Labor Day weekend! I'll be heading to NY to spend time with my family and enjoy one more shindig before the end of the summer. I haven't seen them since May and the new baby must be getting so big. Lots of photos to come, for sure.


Petra said...

Very well done! And catchy tune too

Chica said...

LOL that was good, you were even ace on the timing too. :)

Jayne said...

Ha !! I've never tried anything like that. I mean the video with captions, not a gay bar.

Never heard the tune before, it is pretty catchy!!

Redbeard76 said...

Captions were done on MS Paint! Easy peasy... Gay bars are actually quite a lot of fun, I'm not too proud to say I haven't gone. As long as you go with a bunch of girls.

Jayne said...

Stop being in holiday. We need more summer posts!!

Relax Max said...

Seems like spring training just started. Good editing btw.

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