24 April 2008

Video Experiment #1

Friday video is a little early as I won't have much time Friday morning to upload this. Hope you like it; a little homemade creation taken a couple of weeks ago. It was still stick season/mud season when I took this (a few ice chunks still clinging to open rock faces). But now I know what it looks like to drive at 300 mph.

If you don't know what stick or mud season is, please allow me to educate.

In addition to the 4 seasons everyone knows, in the north country, stick season is when the leaves have fallen but there's no snow yet, or after the snow has melted.

Mud season is when the snow melts and the dirt roads turn into a muddy, rutted, difficult to drive, bloody mess.

Then there's black fly season. No explanation necessary.

Also there's the not-so-old joke (or maybe it is) about the 4 seasons in Vermont:

Almost Winter.


Still Winter.

Construction Season.

Anyway, I digress. Spring has sprung forth, here are some photos I took today.


Jayne said...

Oh ! The other week I filmed one of my journeys, but the video camera slipped so all you could see was the sky.

I like the idea of seeing what the landscape is like where you are.

It's great that spring is trying to appear too. I makes walking the dog so much more pleasurable.

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! That's like our four seasons in Florida:

Hot & Humid

Redbeard76 said...

Unfortunately I was just getting to the good part where the memory card ran out of room at the end, and most of what you saw was just the motorway, which isn't very exciting.

My next one should be better, I plan on trying it again in the fall with the autumn colours. And I also want to do some with twisty turny mountain roads.

One of these days I'll take the extra time to take the long way home through Appalachian Gap, elevation 724 metres (2,375 ft). Some fantastic views from the top. And I'll take some photos too.

Lois Lane said...

Oh, I love Vermont. Even in stick and mud season.

Lois Lane said...

Oh, I love Vermont. Even in stick and mud season.

Lois Lane said...

Oh, I love Vermont. Even in stick and mud season.

Redbeard76 said...

So much you needed to comment on it thrice.

I <3 Lois.

Ted D said...


Man, you live in some pretty country.

Thumbs up on the 4 seasons in Vermont.

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