17 April 2008


Thanks for your support all. I quite enjoyed the bread, T.A.R.D.I.S. cake, macaroons, coffee and marshmallows! You all are too much!

It all was very sweet the last two days. He was a sweet old man, and my dad, his sister and his brother all spoke fondly this morning of him. I wish I had more memories but having spent the better part of the last 14 years over 100 miles from the rest of my family will do that to you. There was more laughter than tears the last two days and I'm very thankful for that.

And now, picture time. It's a little unnerving seeing your last name on a headstone, but I had to take a picture shortly after the committal. (These gravediggers don't waste any time.) Notice the nice little camping scene on the lower left.

Sierra liked playing in the sandbox top more than the actual sandbox itself.

Charlotte joined in the fun and her Poppa stopped by and thought it'd be a great idea to spin them around in the sandbox top which is cleverly disguised as a red crab.

My mom took this at the girls' party - her cousin Charlotte and friend Eliza are looking at her like she's nuts.


~**Dawn**~ said...

And if you wrapped up empty boxes for Christmas & birthday gifts, she would be just as happy playing with those. LOL!

Ted D said...

Stephen, she's your daughter.

Why wouldn't they look at her like she's nuts? ;)

BTW, I get the same thing with my whackjobs; somebody has to be the black sheep, right?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Hmm. Wonder if there have ever been tombstone typos? Maybe this is just an editor's worst nightmare.


(And, please forgive me my Oasis sins.)

Redbeard76 said...

You know Sparkle, funny you bring that up. In his obit, it said he was born in 1930, but clearly on the stone the date says 1929. Doh!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Double Doh! SO sorry to hear about your work woes. I have just sent a new shipment of good vibes your way.

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