05 April 2009

I Heart Google Street View

Ok so you might have heard the story this week that townspeople in a small village in England chased a Google Street View camera car out of town. Me? I don't think there's anything cooler 360 degree street views in online maps, especially since we're house hunting out of state and we'd like to take the neighborhood into consideration.

Above, I'm keeping tabs on the house I grew up in. My dad sold it a few years ago after I moved up here to New England. From humble beginnings... well, i'm still humble. (sort of).


Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

Sounds like great way to check out the neighbourhood. What state are you guys thinking on moving to?

Do not forget to check that states sex offenders list. Not all states will tell you where people live but if you get serious about a house you can ask the police for the list in that neighbourhood.

One of the many apartments I lived in was a few blocks from a school, I found out after lists started coming out I had one pedophile 2 houses one way and one 2 houses the other way. That was the day I decided to move from there.

A lot of towns or parts of small towns are not on that. My house doesn't show up.

Good luck!

Redbeard76 said...

We're looking at southern New Hampshire, within 1/2 hour of the Manchester Airport.

They haven't done much Google street view in Vermont, not in my town anyway. Just some of the main streets in the city of Burlington, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

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