12 August 2007

The Ugly American

The more time passes, the more I obsess on my heritage and all things English and try to distance myself from the commonly regarded "ugly American". The past week or two I have been trying to surround myself with BBC America TV, BBC Radio 1 (which they play way too much American hip-hop/R&B music, I would much prefer that they play European artists only), and have been familiarising meself with Britain itself in a Fodor's travel book and researching on Wikipedia anything I come across. Having been Americentric for my first 30 years on the planet, especially with the state America and the world is in currently, it would do me good to think outside the box from a world point of view.

In other news, my daughter's just learned how to stand up in her crib on her own. And both the Red Sox and Yankees keep on winning, only 5 games separate the two, making it rather uncomfortable for Sox fans like me who have seen it happen all to often before - Yankees heat up in August, while the Sox flounder. To the Powers that be: Please make the end of the summer as glorious as the beginning of the summer!

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