01 August 2007

It ain't my fault

Digging further into my past and the history of Britain, my great x 9 grandfather's family had a hand in the English Civil War. A major one. Sir Richard Ingoldsby was forced against his will to sign King Charles I death warrant by his cousin Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. This was my great x 9 grandfather's brother and cousin, respectively. However, John Ingoldsby fled to Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1640, just prior to the wars, and changed his child's name's spelling to (Ebenezer) Ingalsbe. He was either smart to flee with impending war, disloyal, or encouraged to join the Puritan population in Massachusetts. This link to the past connects me to Sirs and Sir Knights as far back as 1230 A.D. in the Ingoldsby Manor of England.

Lastly, last night's game stunk - Beckett did not have a good night. More tonight at home vs. the orange birds.

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