23 June 2007

Keep it Classy! (6/22, 9:35pm journal entry)

It's been awhile, I apologize - blame lack of inspiration, lack of time, lack of energy. The Sox have won 5 of their last 6 and I couldn't be happier, still the best record in baseball after losing 2 of 3 to Colorado. Finally I have a chance to write again tonight with the late west coast game.

TC - "It's nice to see those UPS hats on [the Padres players]." The Padres and Sox are wearing throwback 80s unis tonight.

So my comments have been immortalized last week on Surviving Grady. I made a dumb comment about how it isn't classy to win by a blowout margin, that close games are more classy (I tied in the MFYs somehow, I don't remember my exact words that drew the initial criticism). Of course they took it and ran with it; who doesn't want to win by a lot of runs? So now, whenever a team is winning by a lot, it is said that "they have no class", or "those classless bastards," or if it is a close game, the teams are keeping it classy!"

Ooooh... Hazel Mae cleavage on the Ultimate Red Sox show preview! Hmm.... while Hazel still gets my blood pumping andTina Cervasio can cause my temperature to rise by glistening, it's Amalie Benjamin who has stolen my heart. Since she came on the scene this year with her "librarian hot" looks, I can't stop daydreaming about her when she comes on - all I can do is stare at her, I can't pay attention to a word she says...

Now there's a NESNStore.com commercial, and in particular, they are selling a women's shirt in pink that says "Flash some leather" - being a regular SG contributor, all I can think of is "Flash some HOOTS!!!" (( o Y o ))

Daisuke gets into some trouble in the Padres first by walking the first 3 batters to load the bases. He pitches out of it, giving up only one run. It is very fortunate that no more damage was done.

In the 4th, Maddux gets in some trouble - the Sox put 2 on with 1 out, and score 2 runs on 4 hits. This inning went not without controversy - Youk, on a 2 strike count, gets a lucky call from the HP ump on a marginal outside corner fastball from Maddux. Youk then laces the next pitch for a hit, with Maddux still visibly upset about the call, understandably so, since that hit (instead of the strike out) led to the 2 runs that won the game for the Sox. Lugo, now at the Mendoza line .200, no longer the leadoff hitter, strikes out to end the rally, still continuing to disappoint.

Timlin - "I can't tell you about it, I'd have to kill you." - on flying in a Navy helicopter to an aircraft carrier 60 miles offshore on the day off. From Timlin, this is not an empty threat. :)

Aqua Velva Commercial - do they still make that nasty shit? Smells like old man ass...

Not much other offense to speak of: Okajima holds the 8th and Papelbon saves the 9th despite one baserunner. One San Diego thing to mention: the scoreboard people at Petco Park took the liberty to enhancing photos of the visiting team. They made Manny to look like he had long fluffy punk rock hair and a septum ring, and Youk had 80s aviator/cop glasses and a crew cut. Not funny, and slightly obnoxious. And not classy.


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