29 June 2010


Ok, so I thought I'd get to my 200th post a lot sooner.

But I wonder, is blogging as popular as it used to be? Or have I just fallen off the proverbial blogging wagon?

Anyhow... in the last 2 months:

1. The Red Sox have improved from a sub-.500 team to the second best record in the league, 2nd only to the hated Yankees, of course, whose robotic machine of a team seemingly rallies every game in the late innings. The Sox have meanwhile gone 35-19 in May and June, despite SEVERAL injuries (Ellsbury, Cameron, Hermida, Beckett all on the DL for the majority of the past 2 months, and now adding 3 more over the past weekend - most importantly Pedroia going to the DL for a foot fracture, the other 2 (Buchholz and Martinez) won't likely hit the DL.

2. The Essex Hornets boys varsity baseball team are 2010 state champs! I've had the privilege of seeing a good number of their home games, every one of which they've won that I've seen (they only lost twice all year). What a perfect send off for retiring long-time coach Steve Ferreira of 43 years, the winningest high school baseball coach in Vermont history with over 520 wins. I've been honing my sports photography skills and here are some of the better ones from this season at the Essex home field.

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Relax Max said...

I don't ever remember you ever taking any bad pictures in the past, but I like these. If you say you are improving, then I believe you. :)

What a coaching record! I can't imagine that level of success at the high school level, where a coach is constantly starting over with raw talent.

Blogging is here to stay for the near future; everyone thinks we have something say, I guess, and we just have to try and say it. Congratulations on your 200th post. It is hard to do that. I wish you would try to be more regular though. (In blogging.)

Nice post.

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