04 October 2009


One of the new features when you open up your Yahoo mail is Yahoo Buzz.

Seems like a good idea on paper - promote good topics that people think are newsworthy and you can comment on them, and give them thumbs up or thumbs down.

However, it doesn't take very long looking through Yahoo Buzz that the only topics being trended up are hot-button controversial issues.

I'll spare you the inane comments people make on Buzz, but it's quite obvious the people commenting on Buzz are of a specific slant, then similar people vote up the conservative and/or ignorant comments, and any dissenting educated opinion is voted down.

My opinion? This is not a cross-section of world views, or even American views, but rather certain organizations have instructed (or possibly even employed) groups of people to post on Yahoo Buzz, then buzz up or down according to that certain slant in order to influence popular opinion and politics.

What say you?


Relax Max said...

Thank you for reminding me to check my Yahoo mail. I didn’t look at this new feature properly the last time I checked my mail. I will now. I will see if what you say is true, but, frankly, anything with David Letterman’s of Whoopie Goldburg’s picture on it has GOT to be of earthshaking importance. (I simply can’t believe you would ever think an honest commercial entity as Yahoo would ever try to artficially slant public opinion just to create more buzz among their teenage readership.)

Redbeard76 said...

You missed the point, Relax Max. It's not Yahoo doing the slanting, it's the PAC minions and operatives out there in full force. They're the ones reminding us how great a person and leader Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney are, and in the Yahoo Buzz comments, you would think they are in majority. I'm not speaking of the innocuous Letterman or entertainment articles, although the minions have a way of slanting those too.

This is something that needs to be seen on a daily basis, which I was attracted to at first, and though while I'm repelled by it now, it still strangely attracts me. Sort of like Fox News, although I was never really attracted to that in the first place, but sometimes I like to look over the zoo wall and see what the animals are up to.

Redbeard76 said...

"This is something that needs to be seen on a daily basis"

* I meant to add afterwards "to understand the full scope of this as articles pass in and out of the Yahoo Buzz consciousness."

Redbeard76 said...

*And instead of PAC, I meant CPAC. Pardon my error.

Relax Max said...

Oh. Well, I'll just let you report and then I'll decide. If that's ok. (I don't check my yahoo email daily, or even weekly, so it would be hard to notice a trend - much less another far-right conspiracy.)

I used to check my Yahoo email more frequently, though. It was always empty. Except for Jib Jab spam.

Who the hell is this Sarah Pallin person? And that Dick?

I'm afraid I don't know what a CPAC is. I'm guessing "PAC" only with the word Criminal at the beginning? Like ACORN? As in "ACORN elected Al Franken by registering dead people"?

Sigh. I need to stop this. I am starting to positively HATE politics. Let's talk about great writers. Or baseball. Anything.

Don't you mean "to see what the PEOPLE are doing"? Kidding, big guy. At least you still have a team in the hunt.

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