24 November 2008

Taking a Break

Apologies to my few faithful readers and friends. Redbeard is taking a sabbatical from blogging as he is not feeling the creative juices lately, hence the lack of posting. Instead of turning in sub-standard posts, I'm just quietly going to turn the lights out and walk away from blogging for awhile. Maybe in 2009 I shall be inspired and make my triumphant return to the blogosphere.

Those of you who know where else to find me online, please continue to do so by those other avenues. Until then, take care, and peace.


Chica said...

A break will be good, since you already seem to have taken one, may you return with a ton on inspiration to find the joy in bloggin' once again sometime soon.. :)

Ted D said...

I'll miss reading your posts, Redbeard. And nothing wrong with sub standard posts; my blog is full of them.

I'll see you on Facebook I'm sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jess, and Sierra.

Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

Hope all is good.

cake said...

Happy Thanksgiving...hope to see you around the blogs with some comments, if nothing else.

2009 is gonna be awesome!

David'Z RantZ said...

I kinda/sorta know the feeling. I've had my own "stuff" keeping me from my RantZ. In fact, my two blogs are competing with each other for my somewhat limited time. So... I more than sympathize with anyone who needs time away, for any reason.

Hope you and yours make it through the holidaze peacefully.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Hope all is well up in the Northeast Kingdom. I'm always sending you and your family good vibes--and I hope you have an especially good holiday time.

Love to Rbeard, Jess, and Siera,

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Sierra,

I am very sorry for leaving the "r" out of your name. Here, I'll take my R out to make things even.


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